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EVA8400 Disk Enclosure Removal

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EVA8400 Disk Enclosure Removal


I am in the process of removing a EVA8400 (with 27 enclosures) and it is nearly complete.  But the problem I have is that I need the rack space faster than that.  I planned to remove the 3rd Loop, so 9 enclosures in the rack besides it.  I have ungrouped all the disks in this loop already, but I wonder what will happen when I'll unplug the enclosures?  Does the controllers will have any issue with that?  Is that a disruptive process?  And of course, I can't afford any downtime.

Anyone ever done that before?


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Re: EVA8400 Disk Enclosure Removal

Well I've hot added enclosures without issue so if there are no grouped disks and nothing else on the loop I don't see a problem removing the enclosures. It may take a while for Command View to stop sulking and show the new config though.
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