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EVA8400 Diskgroup , disk selections ?

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EVA8400 Diskgroup , disk selections ?

I need to create 2 diskgroups on EVA8400 2C18D, how do we choose the disk layout ?

Eg with EVA8100 2C12D we used 7 FC disks on right side to create DG1 and & 7 FC disk on left for DG2 (It was recommended, and as disks were not stacked it was easy ).

How do we create similar 2 DG's on EVA8400 ?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA8400 Diskgroup , disk selections ?

Today's controller firmware does a pretty good job on vertically selecting disks (as compared to V0.9 ;-)

On the older modules, it did not go strictly from left-to-right columns, but I never found an explanation (and did not look too hard).

Of course you can 'help' the EVA a bit with your desired layout by placing all disk drives of ONLY ONE disk group first - just make sure they are divided across all disk enclosures.
Michael Leu
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Re: EVA8400 Diskgroup , disk selections ?

You could first create a DG with all disks, then ungroup those disks you want in the second DG. Then create the second DG.