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Re: EVAPERF cant connect to san

graham Hyland
Occasional Contributor

EVAPERF cant connect to san

Having trouble connecting evaperf to me eva 6400.

I'm sure its basic ,

I just installed CV10.1 onto a new server (CV works like a gem)

evaperf (HP P6000 Performance Data Collector) does not.

          I open HP P6000 Performance Data Collector , type in evaperf ls (nothing happens, just hangs)

          I tried using the following command (evaperf server 2372 grahamhyland@domain 

                           This quotes me for a password - I enter correct password


Then this returned

Host          Port Username                Accessible
------------- ---- ----------------------- ---------- 2372 grahamhyland@domain No


Grateful for replies



Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: EVAPERF cant connect to san


I would recomend uninstall CV and install it again. It helps many times, typical software. :)