EVAPerf Quesion

Karl Yost
Occasional Advisor

EVAPerf Quesion

I am trying to determine how much bandwidth I am currently using into one of my eva8100's from a high level.

Looking through the perfmon counters it seems the one to use would be the "Total Host KB/Sec" which is defined as "The total number of host requests in KBytes per second"

So if I have 4 x 4Gb connections per controller and I have 2 controllers that comes out to 32Gb total bandwidth.

Converting 32Gb to KB comes out to 4,194,304 KB if I did my math right.

So if this is all true and the counter mentioned above is the right one, can I simply take the max total host KB/s divided by 4,194,304 and get my percentage of utilization?

If there is another better way or if I am way off please let me know.