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Emu error in eva4100, hot reset?

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Emu error in eva4100, hot reset?



I have a disk enclosure that has and error in the Emu component.



And the Heart Beat Led is dead.

My question is, if I do a EMU reset following:

Resetting the EMU
In some cases, the only corrective action for an EMU error is to replace the EMU. Call your
authorized service representative if this action is required. Another option is to reset the EMU using
the following procedure.
1. Firmly grasp the EMU mounting handle and pull the EMU partially out of the enclosure.
NOTE: You do not need to remove the EMU from the enclosure or disconnect the cables.
You must avoid putting any strain on the cables or connectors.
Wait 30 seconds, and then push the EMU in and fully seat the element in the backplane. The
EMU should display any enclosure condition report within two minutes.

Does this cause a full lip?, does it interrup the full loop?, can I do it while the disk enclosure is in use?.

And If I have to finally replace the EMU with a new one, doy you have any procedure to follow?,
an I do it while the disk enclosure is in use?,etc..

Thanks for the Help in Advanced!.

Windows?, no thanks
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Re: Emu error in eva4100, hot reset?

Re-seating EMU will not trigger LIP. Yes it can be reseated online but make sure the Back-end cables are not touched will will obviously cause LIP.

EMU can be replaced when disk shelf is in use. just remove the cables and slide it in and connect the cables again. No special procedures are involved.

Do you see any error code in the EMU seven segment display?
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