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Emulex and Rom Bios not installed with a FC card

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Emulex and Rom Bios not installed with a FC card

Hi all.

I have a dell t3400.We have recently purchased a quantum scalar i40 with d drive HP LTO-4 Fibre Channel (4 Gb, LC connector). We connected a FC card of qlogic and emulex on the server but eachtime the sever is booting up, it recognises the 2 FC card but it comes up with (a) Rom Bios not installed with the qlogic FC card and (b)Emulex BIOS installation step, some messages appear:Bring the link up
Bring the link up

(It takes some minutes) ...

The final messages:

The EMULEX BIOS is not installed

However, when the server finally boots up, we only see the tape drive but we dont see the medium changer. Pls does anyone knows what the problem is and what to do to profer a solution.
Thansks so much as i awaits ur response

Martin Smoral
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Re: Emulex and Rom Bios not installed with a FC card

I assume you have one FC card connected to the LTO-4 drive and the other FC Card connected to the Library controller in a point to point configuration. if so try swapping the cables between them. if the problem moves then it is probobly a setting in the bios of the HBA.
kris rombauts
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Re: Emulex and Rom Bios not installed with a FC card


the messages like "Rom Bios not installed " and "EMULEX BIOS is not installed" that show up at server boot time are normal as long as the Operating System is not loaded via those cards (which is your case).
The Boot BIOS is only needed when you load your OS from a fibre channel device.
So don't worry about that.

For the issue with the medium changer, check Windows (assuming you run Windows...) device manager (enable hidden devices) and see if there is no missing device driver.

Use the utilities from Emulex and Qlogic to see if you are able to see the medium changers target SCSI ID, that would indicate the fibre link is OK at least.

Not sure why you use 2 different vendors cards to address a tape changer, any particular reason ?


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Re: Emulex and Rom Bios not installed with a FC card

I'm really grateful for ur responses. @MartinS, yes its a point-point connection. One FC card is connected to the LTO-4 Drive.it came with it actually and i sourced for the Qlogic and Emulex FC cards locally and that was installed on a HP Compaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower PC running windows 2003.

@kris rombauts,so its normal for me to get Rom, or Emulex bios not installed since i wasnt booting from the FC cards. I didnt mean to use 2 FC cards. i was just trying all the cards available to see if i can get a suitable one for the Tape Library. I will try the option of show hidden devices but i doubt it if the medium changer is hidden cos i have looked through it thorougly and i have been on this issue for over a week now.