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Enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning

Gavin Bennett
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Enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning

Logging into Brocade switch. Reviewing Events. I'm seeing a couple of messages for port xx: "port xx enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning". The messages were received after a reboot of the switch. We use soft zoning and I've checked to make sure all aliases are using the WWN. What could be causing these events.
Golden Rivet
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Re: Enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning

Hi Gavin,

I'm think you might be a little confused on the terminology. All switches now utilize hard zoning (since 2Gb), even with WWN zoning. The only "soft" (i.e. using the Name Server, not the ASIC) is when you mix a WWN and a port in the same zone.

I did a detailed explanation in this thread:


I'm not that sure about those messages, tho. Maybe someone else can provide more insight.


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Sheldon Smith

Re: Enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning

Session-based *is* "soft". How old *are* those switches? If all members of a zone are WWNs, then that zone is hardware-enforced ("hard"). At least for everything newer than the (1 Gb) Silkworm 1000s.

Zoning is either hardware-enforced or software-enforced.
"Hardware-enforced zoning is specified without using the mixed-zoning scheme (mixed zones contain domains, ports and WWNs as zone members)."

Check the "HP StorageWorks Fabric OS administrator guide", chapter 13 "Administering advanced zoning".

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