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Error when trying to remotely connect evaperf

Kwan Thean Keong
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Error when trying to remotely connect evaperf


My customer has Command View EVA 8.1 installed in his environment.

I need to remotely execute evaperf ls from a EVAPert v9.1 that is installed in another server. ( I couldn't find the installer for EVAPerf 8.1)

I then set the following to execute
evaperf server 860 -userssl

and then enter the password credentials for the user.

When I tried evaperf ls, I got hit back with "Failed to get performance interface" from the console.

I checked back the log file & noticed that there is an HandShake Error.

I have attached the tracelog files. Hope that someone out there can provide me advise on this.
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Re: Error when trying to remotely connect evaperf

Hi Kwan,

You can simply use â evaperf server â then your evaperf commands like â evaperf lsâ .

If you are running Command View on ABM(Array-based management) on EVA4400, then you need to install EVAPerf server on a Windows system connected to EVA4400 via FC