Eva 4400 Licencing

Marc-Olivier Gagnon
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Eva 4400 Licencing

I Currently own an EVA4400 with 4X 1TB LTU
and 1 TB LTU BC

i'm looking to add replication (next 6m onths) capability and storage LTUs (this is now)

does the continous access EVA unlimited licence replace the BC and STD LTUs?

my plan was to go 4LTU + 1TB BC -> unlim. LTU + 1TB BC -> unlim. continous access (thinking this replaces BC...)

Am I right????


Re: Eva 4400 Licencing

you can use CA license for replication ...
and clustering...
when the replicated LUNs belong to a DR group, you can't present it to any Backup servers
Steven Clementi
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Re: Eva 4400 Licencing

CA and BC are 2 separate functions of the EVA.

BC is local replication will CA is remote replication.

"Local" replication includes being able to clone a local disk, or create a snapshot of a local disk... and keep that snapshot/clone on that same EVA.

"Remote" replication includes full disk replication between 2 different EVA's.

If you do not have a second EVA, a CA license will be useless to you.

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Re: Eva 4400 Licencing

You also need a CA licence for BOTH EVA's for the capacity you wish to replicate.
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