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Eva 4400 Management Module can not login

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Eva 4400 Management Module can not login

Hi all,

When i try to connect to Array-based storage management through ip on port 2373 i get the below error message:

"Login failed.Security services not available.Ensure security services are running. And also MM does not resset to default setting."

This happened after upgrading firm of ABM to 0002.3000. I tried also to reset it to default setting but i can not be reseted. 

Anyon have an idea?

Thank you!



Re: Eva 4400 Management Module can not login

Hello Florant,

Please try the below steps.

1.Press and hold the Reset button for 20 seconds.
(Wait for 15 minutes and try to access.)
2.If no success,physically Remove and reseat the Management Module and follow the step 1 again.
3.If you use a laptop to connect to the management module, configure the laptop to have an address
in the same IP range as the management module (for example, with a subnet mask
4.Ping the Management Module IP address.
5.Browse to
(The HP P6000 Control Panel previously used port 2372 but now uses 2373.
The default user name is admin. No password is required.)
6. Select Administrator Options > Configure Network Options.
7. Enter an IP address and other network settings that apply.

If the above does not help,please contact HPE support for further investigation.

I work for HPE

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