Eva 6100

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Eva 6100

Hi all,


I have restarted an old Eva6100 from command View. When I powered it back on it dissapeared from the command view. Need any help bring it back to life.

On ODP it says insert wwn.


Big thanks for any advice,


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Emad Omar
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Re: Eva 6100

Hi Asorin,


First of all why did you restart the EVA? You said restarted it and then said powered on.

Anyway CommandView server should be restarted after powering on EVA or at least need to rescan for new hardware from command view server.

Also I think you need to check for the status of the EVA after powering it on. You can check it from the OCP of HSV controllers of EVA. If you can see the WWN & Storage Name repeatedly appearing without any error messages or zoros of WWN, then you need to check the FC cables to SAN Switches.


Let me know with your feedback , , , 



Emad Omar