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Eva 6400 FATA Disks vs. P2000 SAS Disks


Eva 6400 FATA Disks vs. P2000 SAS Disks

Hi, we currently have a EVA 6400 and one MSA1500 with a mix of SCSI and SATA Disks. We want to replace our MSA1500, and create a new Second Tier Storage for VMware, Some SQL Databases and other stuff.

We are looking into 2 options:

1. Create a second disk group full of FATA disks on the 6400.
2. Or buy a P2000, with SAS Disks.

I want to know, wich one will provide the faster response time for our applications?

Sheldon Smith

Re: Eva 6400 FATA Disks vs. P2000 SAS Disks

From the EVA 6400 Quick-Specs:
"FATA drives are designed for lower duty cycle applications such as near on-line data replication for back-up. These drives should not be used as a replacement for EVA's high performance, standard duty cycle, Fibre Channel drives. Doing so could shorten the life of the drive."

If you are looking at putting a database on them, I'd suggest the 10K RPM drives.

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Ruben Renders
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Re: Eva 6400 FATA Disks vs. P2000 SAS Disks


I have to agree with Sheldon. FATA disks are not intended for io intensive operations.

Also please find in attach a whitepaper with best practices of the EVAx400 series.
You need to choose between performance, reducing costs and availability.

They always told me that the failure rate of an FATA is higher than those of FC disks (is it true or an urban legend, I don't know).

Just keep in mind that using FATA would result in less performance, but are cheaper.
Also losing a fata 1TB disks needs a longer rebuilding period as FC450GB disk.

General recommendation: don't use fata for production data.

How many shelves do you have on the EVA6400 at the moment? Maybe it's possible to extend the array with a diskshelve(s)?