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Eva4400 vdisk provisioning question for Citrix XenServer

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Eva4400 vdisk provisioning question for Citrix XenServer



For the last few days i have read several forum posts and other HP documentation on the "best practices". However, i am still unable to find a suitable answer.


I have and EVA4400 with dual controllers and 2 Disk groups. 1 group has 16 x 400GB FC disks and the 2 group has 8 x 1TB FATA disks.


Each EVA vdisk+LUN = 1 Storage Repository on XenServer. Within this Storage Reporitory you can have any number of VDIs. My question is: If i have 4TB in DiskGroup1 and i create 2 vidks of 2TB each will performance be significantly decreased? The way i am seeing it is that whether i have 1 vidisk or 4 vidisks, they are all gonna go through the same HBA interface, same loop (eva4400 is single loop) and same controller (unless failover kicks in).


So let's say that 1 vdisk uses all 4GB throughput if i have 4 vdisks, they would each have a variable max throughput between the eva and the hosts themselves, right?


My over all goal is to simplfy management without impacting performance. 


Any ideas?