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Expand FC Infrastructure out of C7000

Soeren Emig
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Expand FC Infrastructure out of C7000

We currently have one C7000 with brocade FC switches. All our storage connects directly to those two switches.

We are about to expand the system with 2-3 C7000 and another storages system. Bottom-line, we need to utilize FC Switches outside the C7000 environment and move the storage systems to the external switches.


What would be the best game plan?

Alex rogozin
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Re: Expand FC Infrastructure out of C7000

Clean way would be replace blade FC switches with FC pass-through and use a pair of external switches with enough licensed ports for additional blc7000 

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Re: Expand FC Infrastructure out of C7000

But you can also cascade the internal and external switches. Additional licences may be required.

Hope this helps!

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Steven Clementi
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Re: Expand FC Infrastructure out of C7000

Or... you can connect the new blade enclosures directly to the existing blade enclosure and bypass the externals switches (assuming you have enough available ports on the existing switches and assuming you are getting Fibre Channel Switches or Virtual Connect FC or VC-FlexFabric Modules with the new enclosures.


Ideally, you probably want an external fibre infrastructure that you can connect all of the storage and all of the enclosures to... to make life simple.



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