Expanding MSA 2012

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Expanding MSA 2012

We are looking to add an extra shelf to an MSA 2012i Dual Controller.

The part number we have for this is AJ750A (MSA 2000 Dual I/O 3.5 inch 12 Drive Enclosure) our suppliers are telling us this is now End of Life. HP support have told me that this is the only compatible LFF expansion shelf for this SAN and the only other option is the MSA 70 using SFF drives.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I find it very difficult to imagine that HP would prevent users from adding extra LFF storage to the MSA 2012 and MSA 2312 G2 models that were only purchased a year ago.

Tom Lyczko
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Re: Expanding MSA 2012

Any new info on this topic??