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Re: Export and Import ZoneDatabase (Brocade environments)

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Export and Import ZoneDatabase (Brocade environments)

Hi, good evening.


I need to migrate the database zoning (Aliases, zones ...) from the old SAN to a New SAN.

I have the new SAN Install and Operating, only I need the zone database (no ips, and other config).

I would like export and import procedure; I have seen that executing the configupload I get not only zoning database.

Can you help me?

The New and Old Directors is a Brocade DCX-4S.


Thanks and Regards.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Export and Import ZoneDatabase (Brocade environments)



as far as I could see the configdownload/upload does not have an argument that lets you specify to only do zoning and only 'import'.


the output of configdownload is just a text file, however In FOS CMD reference guide 6.4.x it says:


Do not manually edit a configuration file after uploading the file and before downloading the file to
a switch. Manual editing bypasses sanity checks for some configuration parameters and results in
unpredictable system behavior.


Maybe DCFM / Network Advisor has a tool for this?