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External backup solution for HP SANS Storage

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External backup solution for HP SANS Storage

I have 5TB stored in HP SANS Storage model MS2000fc and I need external tape solution. What is the most qualified and reasonable price solution?
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Re: External backup solution for HP SANS Storage

to all experts,

i have HP SANS storage in RAID6 that is need to be backup, what is the most recommended backup solution for HP SANS storage?

Im planning to buy a TAPE drive for external backup. But know which TAPE drive is suitable for my SANS Storage.

thank you so much..
Trygve Henriksen
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Re: External backup solution for HP SANS Storage

Which tape drive?

Good question...

In theory, you could use anything from old QIC80(but you'd need an 18wheeler to do an off-site archive), but you probably want a bit more manageable system.

LTO4 or LTO5 is probably your best bet.
They're 800GB or 1600GB respectively, uncompressed.(Which means there's some ridiculous numbers on the boxes claiming twice the capacity.)
you probably also want some sort of tape robot to swap tapes for you, unless you enjoy that task, that is.

But that's just the first part...

Do you intend to do a complete backup every night? Og how often?
How much will the daily(nightly?) backups be?

How long is the available 'service window'
(The time with no users cluttering up the system, and when databases can be shut down if needed)

Got any 24/7, 'must run or your head on the block' systems?

You may be able to get away with a MSL2024 with two half-height drives(and 23 tapes + a cleaning tape), or you may need a MSL8096 with 4 drives(and 95tapes + cleaning).

As you already have a SAN, you can put the tape library there, so that it can be reached from any server, or you can set up a dedicated server, with agent SW on each of the other servers.

If your 'service window' is minutes or non-existing, you may need to look at snapshot of arrays.

But again, without more details, all we can do is guess.
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Re: External backup solution for HP SANS Storage

thank you for the reply.

my servers are running 24/7 and need to backup atleast 6 days every week cause 6 days is our working days.

my servers are running database that are access insight and outsight (means access tru the web)every data stored are updated everyday. so i think the tape drive will backup everynight when users are not anymore accessing the servers. Is complete backup means backing-up everynight the entire server?

what can you recommend on backing-up the server it is most likely to backup it everynight where data are stored everyday.

service time could probably fall on one day only.