FATA v FCAL disks

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FATA v FCAL disks

we are having read latency problems with a ESX VM file server (connected to an HP EVA 8000).

The LUN is a 1TB FATA (with 500GB 7,200 rpm disks)

We have been told to use FCAL disks

Other than the spin speed are there any differences (eg. in sequential or random seek methods etc.)



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Re: FATA v FCAL disks

This document will be a good reference to find answer to your query.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: FATA v FCAL disks

I have not looked at the specs, but am sure the FATA-L disk drives are slower on seeks as well. You should also check the firmware level of the disks - there is a strange bug that causes a read-after-write if the temperature gets 'too low'.

(by the way: FATA-L disk drives use the FC_AL protocol as well)

Re: FATA v FCAL disks

cheers for help guys - that doc is just what I was looking for