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FCR doesn't import WWN - WWN Pool Size is 0

Mattia M. Moretti
Occasional Contributor

FCR doesn't import WWN - WWN Pool Size is 0

Hi all.
I am trying to solve this issue since monday.
I have a strange behaviour on one of the directors in my datacenters. I have some FCIP link up and running, with correctly exported devices and working LSANs. Anyway I cannot import any WWN to one specific director. After investigating the issue, I noticed the Phantom WWN aren't correctly created on the router virtual fabric. I then discovered the following amazing result:
Base_A:FID127:admin> fcrresourceshow
Daemon Limits:
Max Allowed Currently Used
LSAN Zones: 3000 2
LSAN Devices: 10000 8
Proxy Device Slots: 10000 0

WWN Pool Size Allocated
Phantom Node WWN: 0 0
Phantom Port WWN: 0 0

Port Limits:
Max proxy devices: 2000
Max NR_Ports: 1000
Currently Used(column 1: proxy, column 2: NR_Ports):
240 | 0 3
334 | 0 3
335 | 0 3

Basically, I have the WWN Pool for Phantom devices set to zero. LSAN are configured on all the Edges but I can't get routing working properly. I have a twin configuration on another couple of Directors which works fine. How can I increase the WWN Pool Size for Phantom domains ? I couldn't see anything on HP nor Brocade documentation. Please help :)