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FW upgrade on Cisco san switches

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FW upgrade on Cisco san switches


Can fw upgrades be done online on Cisco 9140 san switches?

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Re: FW upgrade on Cisco san switches


no, AFAIK this is a single supervisor module switch and upgrades are disruptive , see here :-



Steven Clementi
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Re: FW upgrade on Cisco san switches

On the other hand, you probably have at least 2 of them... and are configured in such a way so that you have 2 separate fabrics.

Upgrading one switch at a time should allow you to not have to take down your storage/servers, though it is always suggested that you perform these types of upgrades during peroids of low or no I/O.

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Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: FW upgrade on Cisco san switches

Hi Inex,

Before start upgrading your SAN switches, take a config backup always

SOme related info on firmware upgrade..
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Re: FW upgrade on Cisco san switches


May I ask why you are only upgrading your switch FW? Typically, when I perform an upgrade, it involves the EVA Controller code, the EVA drive FW and the HBA drivers and FW.

Clint Placette_2
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Re: FW upgrade on Cisco san switches

Lot of good suggestion above. I ask my customer before an SW O/S upgrade is done "when was the last time you tested your fellover from one hba to another". If you have many servers in a SAN it is easy to lose track if a server has lost access of a HBA path.

I see it many time a year where the customer is not aware of a lost path. A Windows servers needs only a single path to still have access to disk so make sure you check each servers HBA paths and that your failover app is working before you attempt to upgrade a switch because it wil be disruptive on your model switch. If you have not tested a failover then I suggest you bring the servers down before the up grade.