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Re: Fabric Manager reports Syslog errors

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Tim Chilton
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Fabric Manager reports Syslog errors

We have some alerts showing up in Fabric Manager that state "Failed to register SYSLOG destination to switch." The two switches that are showing the errors are configured exactly the same as the rest of the switches in our SAN. I tried some web searches and found nothing appropriate. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Re: Fabric Manager reports Syslog errors

The following ports should not be blocked if there is a firewall between server and SAN

â ¢ HTTP and HTTPS port numbers. By default these are ports 80 and 443, respectively.
â ¢ 20, 21 (FTP)
â ¢ 111 (RPC mapping)
â ¢ For Fabric OS v3.1+/4.1+: The port (or range of ports) that are mapped to from port 897, 898
â ¢ For all other Fabric OS versions (including v4.0): ports 600-1023
â ¢ The SYSLOG port configured in the Fabric Manager server should be unblocked to ensure that the switch is able to send SYSLOG messages to the server. If a secondary server is configured, make sure that the SYSLOG listening ports on this server and port on the Fabric Manager
server are unblocked.
â ¢ RADIUS port numbers. By default, these are ports 1812 and 1813.
Tim Chilton
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Re: Fabric Manager reports Syslog errors

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