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Fabric Zoning Question

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Fabric Zoning Question

Dear All,

I have a basic but important question. We have one-to-many relationshipt between servers and storage devices whereby a single server can see more than one storage node. I wanted to ask what is he best practice in zoning the servers? Is it ideal to have one zone per server-storage pair or one zone with the server and ALL storage nodes within it? We use soft (Allias based) zoning.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Fabric Zoning Question

Hey, Brocades recommendation is one initiator and one target per zone. But if you have a little larger SAN that's a lot of zones. Usually it's OK to have one target and several initiators in the same zone.

Port or wwn-based?
Smaller SAN probably handier with port-based (so DID, PID in the alias). But for larger WWpN is usually what's in the alias.