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Failed MSA1510i Controller and Logical Drives.

jason behring_1
Occasional Contributor

Failed MSA1510i Controller and Logical Drives.

I am in need of some clarification. I have a MSA1510i with a MSA30 enclosure. The conrtoller has now failed and the most recent backup is not as new as I would like.

I have a new 1510i controller on the way, but am worried that my logical drives will not be there once it is installed.

Is there any documentation or procedure to make sure the logical drives are avaiable once the new controller is installed.

Thanks for any help.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed MSA1510i Controller and Logical Drives.

The disk configuration is normally stored on the disks and the controller is supposed to pick it up when it starts. There could be data in the cache module, but you should be able to move it to the new controller module. Let's hope the battery is not empty when the new controller arrives.

If that does not work, you should make a good inspection of the data. Many arrays work with a battery-protected write-back cache (WBC), but if that data gets lost there is a high probability of corruption, because the WBC prevents any 'careful write ordering' of operating systems, databases and other applications from hitting the disks properly.