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Fault Management menus

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Fault Management menus


This morning our eva4000 displays on its OCP "the Fault Management menu" all the communications are stopped the CV does not see the storage nor the disks, we restart several times without result we have checked the switches all works well. after the ocp displays enter wwwn and checksumm.
we entered www and checksum the CV shows that we must start the initialization.
we launched the initialization and after all the data is lost and our storage becomes new as we bought it the first time.
we want to know if there is a way to rollback or restore our previous  config.
are there any configuration files left on the server that allow us to restore our original config?
We appreciate a lot if there is help that will save us.



Re: Fault Management menus

Hi Higo,

I see that you have performed initialization of the EVA. The reinitialization process is non-reversible and all data is lost. The initialization process binds controllers together as an operational pair and establishes preliminary data structures on the disk array. Initialization also sets up the first disk group, called the default disk group. As the initialization is already performed, there is no way to retrieve data.

Regarding your query on restoring old configuration information of EVA:

If you have performed a configuration backup using SSSU utility(config scripts generated using capture configuration command from SSSU), you should be able to use the same for restoring EVA configuration. If you already have the backup scripts generated from SSSU utility, you can restore configuration using the steps below:

To restore the storage system configuration:
1. Double-click the HP SSSU desktop icon to run the application.
2. Enter FILE pathname\filename, where pathname identifies the location where the configuration files are to be saved and filename is the name of the first configuration file: for
example, FILE c:\EVAConfig\LargeEVA_Step1A.txt
3. Repeat the preceding step for each configuration file.

If the SSSU configuration backup is not available, you need to manually create Disk Groups , vdisks, hosts etc and then restore data from backup, if available. You may refer the configuration file (EVA_config.xml) available in CV server (C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SANworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV\cache\EVA WWN). The config file should have the name of vdisks, raid config , size, host presentation etc in that and you may refer this to create vdisks exactly same as your old vdisk configuration.

Thank You!
I am a HPE employee

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Re: Fault Management menus

Hi, Thank you for your reply I agree with you no other solution, we must recreate all. Best regrds