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Findind latest VCS release

Kites BM
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Findind latest VCS release


just was going thru EVA best practice guide

wanted to know
1)where in CV EVA i can find the latest VCS release?
2)We have to 2 Disk groups(total size 8778GB each),in DG1 and DG2 each disk capacity 450GB ( formatted capacity is ~419GB),2 more disks will be added to each group.So capacity in each DG would increase to 8778+419 = 9197GB ( formatted)....Now $m Q is "in the event of disk failure EVA should be able to reconstruct disk with max efficiency and an alarm level should be set for this"
I;m going to set alarm to 90% on each DG - since i read in Best practice guide that "The software algorithm for reserving rebuild space finds the largest disk in the Disk Group; doubles its capacity;"
Here largest unformatted capacity for each disk is 450GB so double will be ~900GB.
900GB out of 9197GB approxs to 10%...so the reason for me to set alarm to 90%.

Is this approach right to go ahead?

many thnx
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Findind latest VCS release

In Command View, go to Hardware - Rack 1 - Controller enclosure

Select one of the controllers, look in it's properties for firmware version or software version.

The "disk failure protection" reserves the space equivalent to 2 x (largest disk on the disk group". Since all your disks are 450 (419) GB, that would be about 900 GB.

This space is not taken into account for the total available on the disk group.

The Alarm level of 90% is respect to that. It's there to warn you when you're running out of space for vdisks.
Kites BM
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Re: Findind latest VCS release

i understand that its for the warning level that EVA is running out of space.

but my approach/calculation isn't justified.
so plz comment on that
Kites BM
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Re: Findind latest VCS release


Further i have read about ( in best practice guide)

Best practice to optimize availability:
Set the occupancy alarm to the larger of the capacity required for PDM or the total HP.

Occupancy_Alarm = 100 â ceiling5 ( ( max6 ( PDM_capacity, HP Continuous Access_log_sum)
+ 5GB ) / total_disk-group_raw_capacity ) )

can any one let me know how to calculate HP CA log_sum size?

many thanks in adv,