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Firmware Upgrade MSA 2324

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stefano colombo_1
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Firmware Upgrade MSA 2324

Hi ,
quite a simple question apparently.
I'm trying to find how to update the firmware on a msa2324fc .
The web interface does not have , or I did not find it , the option to do it .
All the manuals I found references the MSA 2000 which had a more complete web interface .
Can anyone help me ?
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stefano colombo_1
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Re: Firmware Upgrade MSA 2324

solution in the thread
stefano colombo_1
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Re: Firmware Upgrade MSA 2324

thanks , I didn't look in the most obvious source for that info
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Re: Firmware Upgrade MSA 2324


Though the thread is closed but have a look at the instructions below. There are 2 ways of doing this upgrade.

please find the link to download and install the latest firmware on the MSA controllers.


Installation Instructions:-

1- Download the file cp010340.exe from the above link.
2- Please ensure that this file is in the same Server from which you have a fabric connectivity with this MSA.
3- Execute the file cp010340.exe, it should automatically find the MSA over FC and flash the firmware.

In case the above method does not work, please follow the instructions below.

Updating controller module firmware

Download the firmware file from:-


IMPORTANT: In a single-controller system, updating firmware causes all disks to be temporarily inaccessible. Stop I/O to vdisks before performing this operation.

1. Obtain the appropriate firmware file and download it to your computer or network.

2. In SMU, prepare to use FTP:
a. Determine the network-port IP addresses of the systemâ s controllers.
b. Verify that the systemâ s FTP service is enabled.
c. Verify that the user you will log in as has permission to use the FTP interface.

3. Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or a terminal window (UNIX) and navigate to the directory containing the firmware file to load.

4. Enter:
Ftp controller-network-address
For example:
5. Log in as an FTP user.

6. Enter:
put firmware-file flash

For example:
put mercurysw-M100P01-01.bin flash

It takes approximately 10 minutes for the firmware to load and for the automatic restart to complete. Progress messages are displayed in this FTP interface during that time. Wait for the progress messages to specify that the firmware load has completed. If the systemâ s Partner Firmware Update (PFU) option is enabled, allow an additional 20 minutes for the partner controller to be updated. No messages are displayed in the FTP interface during PFU.

WARNING! Do not power cycle or restart during the firmware update as this can result in loss of capabilities for this unit.

NOTE: If you attempt to load an incompatible firmware version, the message ***Code Load Fail. Bad format image.*** is displayed and after a few seconds the FTP prompt is redisplayed. The code is not loaded.