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Firmware Versions for Brocade Switches

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Kites BM
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Firmware Versions for Brocade Switches


can anyone help for getting firmware versions on all Brocade switches models(plz mention the versions in ascending order)?
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Re: Firmware Versions for Brocade Switches

Is it HP branded brocade switch or original Brocade switch? HP firmware revision history can be found here


If you are looking the similar for a specific switch then follow what I did:

- goto http://www.hp.com/support/us
- search for specific model number
or - search "SAN Swtich" and select your model number
- download driver or firmware
- cross operating firmware
- firmware

Hope that helps you in future too.
Sheldon Smith

Re: Firmware Versions for Brocade Switches

To get the list of current version numbers, go to SPOCK (Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge) http://h20272.www2.hp.com/ . Register and log in.
On the main page, under the Announcements list, find the latest "B-Series FC Switch Connectivity streams" PDF.

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Kites BM
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Re: Firmware Versions for Brocade Switches

thanks to smith