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Firmware problem of hp EVA4400 controllers

Sonjoy Chakraborty
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Firmware problem of hp EVA4400 controllers

Dear All,
I need to upgrade the HSV controller firmware of EVA4400 but I can't use command view.

1. I am not able to browse my storage through CV EVA. When I logged in the CV EVA, it shown "temporarily unresponsive HSV300 V09 storage system " ()

2. In management module shown one controller status "unknown". Than I updated management module firmware to the latest version. But now shown two controllers are unknown.

3. Now I hope I need to update controller firmware. But I am not able to access cv eva from storage server and wocp i.e.

please help me to solve the issue.

Thanks and best regards
Sonjoy Chakraborty

N.B. Here I have attached some screen shot of this problem. (CV EVA and wocp)


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Re: Firmware problem of hp EVA4400 controllers

Whatever your "latest version" is or was, consider to contact HP support and discuss the issue!

BTW, it says "uninitialized" - is this true?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Firmware problem of hp EVA4400 controllers


I think I'm having a similar problem. THe thing is, it was previously resolved by restarting the controllers then HP upgrade our firmware to XCS09006000. But after 5 months, I'm encountering the same problem where all of a sudden, the CV lost connectivity to the EVA storage system, although, the vdisks are still accessible from the other hosts. No changes was made on the management server. Anyways, are you still having this issue or have you found a way around it?
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Firmware problem of hp EVA4400 controllers

On the customers where I have seen this, it required a controller resync. But this is very likely to also remove access to the vdisks in this case, so we did an EVA power-cycle.

EVA4400 need to be upgraded to XCS 09521000 ASAP. HP will send someone to do it if you request it.

Also management module firmware to 1.3 and Command View to 9.1

We have seen many problems on EVA4400 that dissapear after a shutdown. Yesterday it was battery module 1, for example.