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Free space on disk group EVA 4000

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Free space on disk group EVA 4000


I was told that I should have always 10 % free space on any disk group I have in EVA SAN. Especially when using snapshots this is needed.

I am at the moment running really low on free disk space. Both disk groups near 10 % free space.

It now appears that I need large amount of disk space for small operation. I was just wondering what happens if I use the space I still got free?

Btw. you guys know any good (free) way to resize Windows 2k3 system disk. I don't think diskpart can do it.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Free space on disk group EVA 4000

The lowest recommended limit is 5 raw GigaBytes of free space. Of course there is no room for BC snapshots / Continuous Access WHL.

The next level is keeping free the capacity of 2 disk drives (in addition to the so-called 'protection level'. This allows pro-active ungrouping of unreliable disk drives. Again, this excludes reservations for BC/CA.

If you are running XCS V6.000 -- AVOID FILLING THE DISK GROUP OR YOU RISK LOSING DATA !! Plan an upgrade to the supported release: XCS V6.220.

Resizing a Windows system disks - have you looked into using a Linux life-cd with parted?
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Re: Free space on disk group EVA 4000

Hi Folks,

Uwe knows storage, i've resized system disks with gparted from a Linux live cd (check their site in SourceForge).

In the long run, our local MS guy tells us that is preferable to rebuild the server, or at least image-backup it with an NTFS aware app and re-deploy with new sizes.

My 2 cents,