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Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?

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Jeremy C
Regular Advisor

Get vDisk name from WWID?

(EVA5000, 3.028)

I'd like to know a way to get a list of all vDisks on the EVA, specifically their WWIDs and names (that you see in CommandView).

What I'm getting at is, I'd like to write a script to replace the WWID in evaperf logs with the user-friendly name from CommandView. That would make viewing the vDisk usage graphs a lot more useful.

Is parsing an xml output of SSSU config output the best way to go?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?


The SSSU command "LS VDISK FULL" would probably be a good place to start...

Hope this helps,


Chris Young_6

Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?


As previosly mentioned, use SSSU to export a list of all the VDisks.

What you want your scripting to modify is the "friendly names" file [fnames.conf], see command view docs. The friendly names file also lets you edit the hosts names down to the hba level. Once these changes are made, the new values will be shown in EVAPerf.
Regular Advisor

Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?


like chris already said.

1.) open a command line on your CVE host.
2.) go to the eva performance monitor directory (my one is at C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor).
3.) run "evaperf.exe fnh ".
4.) run "evaperf.exe fn".

now you have the file fnames.conf and the friendly names at perfmon. if you dont like them edit the fnames.conf file.

Jeremy C
Regular Advisor

Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?

Thanks for the replies. The friendly names list has made the evaperf data much easier to read.

Since I was already diving into the xml outputs from SSSU, I took a few hours to write a program to extract all those xml output logs and put that info into a relational database. Now I can just use sql to find out whatever I want about my configuration.
Sheldon Smith

Re: Get vDisk name from WWID?

Is the source code of your XML parsing program something you can share?

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