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Global Spare Failback on MSA2012i

Bob Tallon
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Global Spare Failback on MSA2012i

I have a customer with a MSA2012i. There are two Vdisks, both RAID5. One consists of 6-146GBdrives(Vdisk1).
The other consists of 5 -450GB drives (Vdisk2).

There is(was) a global 450Gb global spare drive configured.

One of the drives in Vdisk2 failed and the global spare took over. When the failed drive was replaced the global spare did not fail back and the replacement drive simply shows as an unassigned drive. Is this normal?

My concern is that if one of the 146GB drives fails the 450GB spare will become part of Vdisk1 and not failback when the drive is replaced. I assume once the drive is replaced I could manually cause it to fail back by removing the now active spare if needed.

Any advice or suggections is appreciated.
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Re: Global Spare Failback on MSA2012i

I wish I could help, I had a drive fail, replaced it and the drive says Leftovr and I cannot get it it now configure as the dedicated spare for the system. I read something about clearing the metadata but cant find how to do this.. Anyone out there can assist?