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HBA no fabric after OS clone to different machine

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HBA no fabric after OS clone to different machine

Had hardware failure on a machine with a6795a HBAs connected to EMC VNX through brocade switches.

After we cloned the dead box's OS ( HPUX 11.11 ) onto an identical hardware/HBA setup -- this was done by pulling the OS drives out of the old box and placing into the new box ), the HBA cards no longer attach/connect/login/authenticate to the VNX/SAN.  fcmsutil /dev/tdX get remote all shows the WWNs from the SAN but have:

Target state = DVS_UNOPENED

...which apparently means the HBA cannot authenticate to the SAN.  As a reault of this, we see no LUNs and therefore can't use the VNX.

Differences between dead box and new box:

MAC address changed ( different NIC )

HBA WWNs changed ( different HBA although same a6795a )

?? ( something we have missed )

Can you guys help troubleshoot this issue?





Re: HBA no fabric after OS clone to different machine


   Since you replaced the HBA hardware, unless you are using zoning via domain/ port and plugged the HBA back into the exact same ports, you will have to re-zone that HBA. If you are using Alias zoning (sometimes known as soft zoning), you will need to update the Alias with the new pWWN. Once that has been updated, you will then have to update the storage arrays hosts persona (whatever storage array you use will need to know that the LUN's have a new WWN that it needs to present the Disks to).

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