HDLM configuration.

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HDLM configuration.

i have HDLM installed and configured on HPUX server and i want to change the SAN switch port which will change the Device hardware path. so i need to reboot the server to get HDLM configured with new path

Eg: i have two HBA and two paths

Can any one help me with a good procedure to do this activity !!
Sachin Kumbla
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Re: HDLM configuration.


Run iocsan -fnC disk ----> will detect the new paths

cd /opt/D*/bin
./dlmdefpath -a

It will build a new kernel & ask for server reboot

From the lun map & the o/p of

/opt/D*/bin/dlnkmgr view -lu o/p you can restore the data back

first export the vg

vgexport vgname
create the drivers using mknod

vgimport -v vgname

vgchange -a y vgname

Sachin Kumbla