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HP 41b 4gb HBA (Brocade), DL360 and MSA 2312fc G2

Rui Meleiro
Occasional Contributor

HP 41b 4gb HBA (Brocade), DL360 and MSA 2312fc G2

I'm having a tough time trying to set these two together. There are three problems, to the best of my knowledge:
1. The 41B HBA won't even try to connect to the MSA if the 2312fc's connection mode is set to loop (as I think it should) - and the port will remain unused).
2. All four servers (2 DL360 G5 and 2 DL360 G6) have the same card and are directly connected to each one of the four port, double controller MSA, as point to point. The discovered host on the MSA has a Host ID all 0's and only port selection works for LUN distribution.
- Probably related, but neither of these servers is able to boot from the SAN - the Bios is enabled on the HBA's, but they won't even get the PWWN of the MSA's ports.

An old 2GGB Qlogic QLA200 has no problem booting from the MSA, configured as loop.

Do you think that tere is a problem with this combination and I must have my vendor switch the HBA's or is there any other hidden problem with this?

Rui Meleiro