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HP Blade iSCSI option ROM

Hal Martin
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HP Blade iSCSI option ROM


We are trying to get our BL460c G1 blades to boot from an iSCSI target using the onboard option ROM (NC373i).

The iSCSI target is a SLE11 server running an iscsi enterprise target server; Linux based initiators can connect to the LUNs.

When the blades boot we are receiving a "Missing parameter" error from the iSCSI option ROM.

Watching the network traffic on the target, we can see that the issue is that the ISID value from the HP initiator is 0. According to RFC3720, the ISID should be non-zero. Looking at the source code for iscsitarget we can see that the login is most likely failing due to the HP option ROM sending an ISID value of 0. The Linux initiator ISID is non-zero.

We are using hp-iscsi-boot-1.1.2-0 on SLE11 to send the configuration to the target server iLo interface, as explained in the HP documentation for iSCSI target booting.

Has anyone else had this issue? There doesn't seem to be a method for overriding the ISID using the HP iscsi-boot utilities, and changing the LAA (Locally Admin Address) to the MAC address of the iSCSI initiator has no effect.

The blades are running the latest version of the broadcom option ROM (2.3.0, Feb 2011) and iLo (2.06, June 2011).

From what we can tell, it appears that the HP option ROM is not conforming to the iSCSI specification by sending a zero-value ISID.