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Re: HP C7000 blades connected to EVA 6500 San.

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HP C7000 blades connected to EVA 6500 San.

I'm working with a C7000 with BL460 blades a virtual connect module with a fibre connection to the eva san. Previously sytems had been configured and allocated out vdisks successfully and presented via fibre cannel and iscsi. These where Windows 2012 systems. I am attempting to add another blade to the system and copied the virtual connect profile for one of the servers currently working. I applied this to the new BL460 blade. I added the host and sorted it to a subfolder under hosts. Created a vdisk and presented it to the host using the WWN id that is displayed in virtual connect.  I had to manually enter the wwn id. The blade rebooted a message about virtual connect being configured displayed. 


When i go to boot and install the O/S I have no storage found. I went into emulex bios and made sure it was set boot to san. I found that when I scan for taget devices nothing is found when I go to configure boot devices I have one used with no DID number and no actually storage devices detected.


I have went into the virtual connect server profiles and selected the Fibre Channel Boot Parameters. I put in the WWPN of the fibre connections assigned to the profile. However when I went back to check this it updated to a different wwn. Oddly enough I can see these wwpn addresses in the drop down menu. but not the wwpn addresses of the blade server.


I read elsewhere on the forum that when adding a host the eva should be able to see the wwn but the wwpn assigned to the server doesn't populate.


I am not sure if this is related I have also had some issues presenting additional datastores to some vmware servers. The systems are licensed vmware 5.5 and seem to have a issue seeing one of the datastores that some older vms are located on. I allocated a lun to these hosts for the datastore and recanned even rebooted the blade without luck.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: HP C7000 blades connected to EVA 6500 San.

Do you have zoning on the Blade FC switch? If so have you enabled a zone with the WWN of the new blade? Can the new blade be seen on the switch?
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