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HP CA Failover Issue after site disaster test...?

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HP CA Failover Issue after site disaster test...?

Hi All,


We have got 2 EVA4400's one at primary site(Source) and one at DR site(Destination). In order to make sure that our data is properly replicated to DR site we did following test:


  1. We broke the Fiber connectivity between two sites(Production Site is work intact all testing was done on DR site)
  2. After that we opened RSM and did the failover on DR EVA so that we can access and write on to the voulme. The data was fine and properly replicated.
  3. Now the issue is that if we open the RSM at DR site both EVA's are being shown as SOURCE, and we have to make the DR site as destination but it doesnt give the option to failover.
  4. What will happen if we re-establish the fiber connectivity between two sites..as i dont want DR site data to be replicated to priamary site because the primary site has the latest data?