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HP EVA 4400 - DoD wipe option

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HP EVA 4400 - DoD wipe option

We have a HP EVA 4400.  Does the SAN offer a DoD wipe option for the disks before they are pulled out?

We have a 4400 we just shut down to be decommissioned. I deleted all volumes/vdisks from it before I shut it down but wanted to know if there was a DoD wipe option for the drives directly.
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Re: HP EVA 4400 - DoD wipe option


There are many existing threads on this. Start here and work your way through


My understanding is that, at the end of the day, you still need to attached the SAN to some servers and wipe using a host based tool in order to meet DoD compliance. HPE, as a service offering, provides a "Data Sanitization" offering. Please see here for information on that offering https://www.hpe.com/h20195/v2/GetPDF.aspx/5981-9510EN.pdf

This service can be purchased by contacting your HPE representative or an HPE VAR/Partner in your area. 

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Re: HP EVA 4400 - DoD wipe option

What we do is hook up the drives JBOD to a linux host and run the shred command on them.  Or you can create vdisks from the EVA, present to hosts, and shred them that way.  It turns out that the M6412 expansions will hook up nicely to most FC HBAs.

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