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HP EVA 8000 - SQL Server

George Luiz
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HP EVA 8000 - SQL Server


I am distributing my SQL Server database files on a HP EVA 8000 storage.

One of Microsoft best practices is to isolate transaction log from data files at disk level. Currently my EVA has only one disk group and I created one LUN for data files and another for transaction logs. EVA is a virtual storage, so it is possible that transaction log and data files coexist at the same physical disk. This way I am not following Microsoft best practice.

Based on this scenario, should I create another disk group with a dedicated LUN for transaction log? Or EVA manages this situation and I don´t need to worry?

Thanks for any info!

Víctor Cespón
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Re: HP EVA 8000 - SQL Server

Of course 2 disk groups give you more security, a double disk failure can render all vdisks on a disk group inoperative. Not that it's likely, but theoretically can happen.
By having data on one disk group and logs on another, you are more sure to keep at least one of them.