HP EVA 8000 problem

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HP EVA 8000 problem

Dear All


I have strange problem on my EVA 8000 

i have EVA 8000   capacity 240 HDD *  500 Gfata  into two groups each group 120 HDD 

Group one if any HDD failed all servers using that group .Will also failed maybe for 5 or ten Minutes 

"maybe because of one HDD failed all luns failed also  "


All luns for theses server usage 80% and some 60% luns size 6.5 T 



Please help 


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP EVA 8000 problem



I don't understand your problem.

If any HDD fails - you also have failed severs for 5-10 minutes? Could you please clarify your problem and your setup. If you're using vraid0 it's not so surprising that you have problems if a disk fails..