HP EVA 8100 HSV210B

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HP EVA 8100 HSV210B

Hello Tell me what could be the problem, EVA8100 Storage (HSV210B) and HP Proliant server 320 can not see HOST, everything was fine before. connects them SAN Switch 2 HP 4/32. Probable problem 1 SAN switch, can I somehow switch both EVA controller 1 SAN switch? or that it is necessary to change the switch settings, from the server to stop in normal hronilische, manual settings looked seems everything is set up correctly, or a problem in commutation? sorry bad english

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP EVA 8100 HSV210B



could be that the server doesn't have link. 


some things to check on the switch side: 

  • Does the EVA and HOST both have link - can the switch see the WWN of the EVA/HBA?
  • If the switch has zoning configured you need to zone the EVA and the HBA WWN (or ports) to the same zone, and make sure the zone is enabled.