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HP EVA/P6000 Continuous Access

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HP EVA/P6000 Continuous Access

Does anyone know if there are any plans to support any of the following with Continuous Access:


Large Lun Support: ie larger than 2TB.. 32 or 64TB

Microsoft Cluster Shared Volumes 

More than 256 DR Groups


On our File Server Clusters and Hyper-V Cluster both of these are causing us a great deal of pain.


Were now looking at having to have multiple pairs of P6000 arrays to suport more than 256 VM's on a cluster. Given Microsoft are supporting 8000 per cluster on Windows Server 2012, thats a pretty significant limitation. The same limit seems to apply to the XP Arrays.


On the file server front, limiting everything to 2TB LUNs is causing us a lot of managament work. We have to provide Shared Storage for 8000 users with a lot of turnover, most of which is random, and using 100 LUNS split of four DR Groups creates a huge amount of management overhead.


Were presently looking at using EMC VPLEX in between our Servers and Storage to solve this problem on both fronts so wondered if HP is ever going to provide this functionality.



Jas :)