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HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?

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HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?



According to the latest firmware info there is a RECOMMENDED HPD6 Firmware update for the HP EVA SAS Disks.

It SHOULD be available at www.hp.com/support/evadiskfirmware.

I am trying for several weeks now to get my hands on this file without success.

During august/most part of september there was only a FC bundle listed and no SAS bundle at all. For the last days/weeks there even is a SAS firmware bundle link. But, it just links to a copy of the FC bundle page.


HP support is unable/unwilling/etc. to provide ANY help at all! Yeah, we know there is a new version... Yeah, we also support the old firmware... Why do you even think about talking to us about this... We don't care, why should you... No we don't have this file...


Simple question: What about the recommended HPD6 SAS firmware updates? Anyone with access to this file? Where can i find it?




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?


http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02498302/c02498302.pdf is that where you found the reference to HPD6?

HPD6 appears to only be listed for the 10K drives.

They haven't released these bundles that frequently in the past.. I suppose why it's there is to prepare for the next release, whenever that is.

The HPD6 appears to be available for the disks that goes into servers, like this: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=US&swItem=MTX-c50f4ada9b6c42f2bd3edf8af2&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=5062117

It appears that the HPD6 firmware has not been released for the EVA yet. Why? I doubt we will ever know..
Maybe there was a problem with the disks with that firmware on them..
Maybe the disk drive firmware document was updated prematurely before the firmware had completed testing..

Are you having issues with the SAS drives?

The fixes appears to be quite good one so I can understand why you want to get your hands on it.
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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?



HPD6 should include fixes e.g. for the following issues


  • Possible HDD hang when the drive is used in a dual domain or dual path fail-over environment and communication to one path is suddenly lost
  • Over-writing data written via the fail over port when data is written via a port performing interface recovery (discovery)

I understand why it is listed as a recommended update.


BTW, the doc about the EVA harddisk firmware updates got through at least(!) 2 revisions in the meantime. Every time the new firmware was listed as a recommended update.

In the first days there was not even a SAS firmware bundle, now there is but it links for all practical purposes just to /dev/null.


Looks like HP responded to my inquires by creating a fake entry. No sign of releasing the firmware files AND no sign of retracting the firmware update information for the HP eva drives. (Which, btw, would be even worse for HP reputation)


For the WHY? But they release the firmware update for the server stuff? Testing takes months?


We are running first tests with HP storage stuff and my current experiences are not the best. Not at all close to enterprise class support/quality.




PS: Having the firmware update still listed in the docs gives the false impression that HP has responded in a timely fashion. That may be the real reason for sticking with the false docs. Fact is that without actually releasing the fix any documentation is worth nothing.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?

Documentation with errors are not useful either.


Did you manage to get a case elevated?


If you for example say that you are afraid to use the product because there are these fixes.


Maybe that can get some fire under them..


Maybe your salesperson/account manager can pull some strings to help you out too.

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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?

I did pull some strings with my HP partner and HP sales person/account manager and support first.

After my failure i wrote the forum question just to check if anyone else had more success. Apparantly not.


I find it quite strange, that we as a very small (new) customer are the only(?) customer who cares about the problem/solution.

One explanation would be that everyone else is more knowledgeable about HP and knows already what to expect....


I'll try to get the case elevated.




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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?

Disks  firmwares are released in a very controlled fashion for all EVA Storage models. It is possible that p6300/6500 does support SAS disks with HPD6 firmwares (like replacement drives from factory), it may not be necessary to have this firmware upgraded compulsorily updated. 


Below mentioned HP document is good source for various disk models, firmwares etc.






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Re: HP EVA SAS Firmware Bundle - WHERE IS IT?

Maybe. But your good source states:


  NOTE: EVA SAS Disk Drive Firmware is only available in a Bundled Image for installation on EVA P6300/P6500. Click here for the current FW Bundle and Installation Instructions.


1. There are current FW updates available and recommended

2. I did receive a single FW file for a specific model finally directly from support

3. The above link for the SAS bundle links to the FC bundle

4. There is no FW Bundle for SAS drives available


I think the facts paint a completely different picture. Like:


"EVA SAS Disk Drive Firmware is availabe only on request for each drive seperately. There is no Bundled image available. Open a (lengthy) support request to get a recommended firmware update."


... would be a more accurate description of the current situation.