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HP EVA SMI-S performance values

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HP EVA SMI-S performance values

Hi guys,

storage in general is strange to me but i'm into management software, trying to get and graph some HP EVA performance statistics.

We have HP EVA storage system and Sommand View server 8.0 with appropriate SMI-S provider installed and functional. Please forgive me if i didn't place my question in the right sub-category, i don't know where question EVA should go...

I'm trying to understand the difference in Latency values obtained from evaperf.exe and via SMI-S provider.

E.g. while looking at the Read latency values on FC Host ports (FP1) i'm getting this:

evaperf hps
ReadLatency(ms) 5.3

that being obviously 5.3 ms

SMI-S (using cxmofd.bat to query HPEVA_HostFCPortstatisticaldata CIM class)
ReadLatencyTime_ms = 252421760; - first measurement (A)

ReadLatencyTime_ms = 252427922; - second measurement a few seconds later (B)

Since these are counters i guess, the latency should then be:

B - A = 6162!

Okay, if these are miliseconds (as the CIM describes) then this doesn't make any sense. If these are microseconds, than this makes:

(B - A)/1000 = 6.162 ms

Now this is more like it!

Does anybody have any clue on how to interpret performance data we get via SMI-S provider? Is there a typo (miliseconds instead of microseconds) or B-A is wrong or what??? How do we use these "counter" values?

please help.

P.S. i have a request to only get SMI-S performance so i'm trying to verify these values by comparing it to evaperf values i believe *should* be correct




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