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HP EVA Share Read Only LUN

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HP EVA Share Read Only LUN

Can you share a read only LUN to multiple servers at once?

Mark Workman
Uwe Zessin
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Re: HP EVA Share Read Only LUN

Yes. You can even share a virtual disk read/write to multiple servers, but of course you then need an arbitration mechanism like Windows Cluster or a true shared filesystem.

What you can't do is access a virtual disk/filesystem read-write from one server and read-only from other server(s).

First, because the read-only setting on the EVA is a characteristic of the entire virtual disk and not a presentation.

Second, even if this were possible, you would see inconsistencies sooner or later, because file system changes do not get communicated to the read-only servers - they still expect exclusive access.
jason andrade
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Re: HP EVA Share Read Only LUN

to do what you require, you may need to think outside the square a bit..

e.g, convert your block based storage to file based..

which in turn means,

present your lun to a server

have that server NFS export (or CIFS export) the lun, read only, to multiple servers.

if you want to actually to this on a SAN then as previously pointed out, you need to put a cluster aware filesystem on the LUN in question (e.g OCFS2, GFS and so on)