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HP EVA3000 / AIX 5.3 / Antemeta / Missing Paths

Andreas Lieser
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HP EVA3000 / AIX 5.3 / Antemeta / Missing Paths


We do have HP EVA3000 subsystems with VCS 3.x, so we have to use Antemeta MPIO-Software for Multipathing with AIX 5.3.

The Problem is, that -- after rebooting AIX, one path per disk (out of four) is missing! Running 'cfgmgr' again re-enables this path.

Any ideas?

Some additional information:

AIX oslevel: 5300-08-03-0831
Fileset Level State Description
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
devices.fcp.hdi.hsv100.rte COMMITTED EVA 3000 Device FCP HDI
Support AIX 5.3
devices.fcp.hdi.pdisk.rte COMMITTED Antemeta pseudo subsystem disk
support for IBM FC AIX 5.3

If you need any additional information, please let me know!

And thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,



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