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HP EVA4400 Replication Change size logs


HP EVA4400 Replication Change size logs



i have a replication between two  HP EVA 4400 and  i have not enougth space  so  it's possible

to change size of  history log on each Drgroup.actually i have  100GB on each DRgorup.

i search information on web  but not found it.

so thanks for your answer.



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Re: HP EVA4400 Replication Change size logs

Continuous Access EVA replication utilizes a write history log; the log size is configurable but when the write mode is Asynchronous there is no ability to change the log size. The DR Group must be in Synchronous mode to make changes to the log size.


1. Go to the Connections Tab to change the write mode to Synchronous.

2. Make the log size modifications and select the Save Changes button.

3. Now go back to the Connections Tab and change the write mode back to Asynchronous mode. The Log Tab shows the new log size in Asynchronous mode.


NOTE: If the size specified is not greater than or equal to the asynchronous minimum log size and you attempt to change to asynchronous mode, the command will fail. For the EVA4400 running XCS 09000000 or later, the capacity must be greater than 5 GB.


Hope this helps!