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HP EVA4400 no replications

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HP EVA4400 no replications

Hi All,

I asked the question in a disk-based system sub-category but mybe I shuld ask in this sub category.  So:

On the PRimary side is EVA P6300, in working order.
On the DR side is EVA4400. On this storage are replicated Vdisks from the EVA P6300.

EVA4400 has two controllers HSV300, Firmware: 11300000
Command View EVA: 10.3

After Power down of EVA4400(using Command View) and switching on, contoller 1 does not turn on.
On the controller 1 all LEDs are off. From the Command View, controller 1 completly missing.
Controller 2 is working. VMware could start VM on that storage. Obviously over ethernet.
That is hardware issue. Who knows what went wrong. Suggestions?

But, the problem is that the replications stopped working.
Error "Logging/Not merging" is on all DR groups on the source side.
I could not start replication when I manually changed parameter "Replication I/O" from "Suspended" to "Resumed", on the source side.
I created new disk and tried to replicate it and I got the message:
"The local storage system has no available path to the remote storage system".

What should I do to start replications on the storage where working only second controller?

Best regards, Milovan.