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HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device

Steven Kuehner
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HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device

I just recently installed a EVA 4400 in our datacenter. I extended 1 LUN to a 2003 server x32. The server is using veritas Storage Foundation for the multipathing (DMP) and disk management. The problem is that veritas SF shows the lun multiple times since the mulitpathing isnt in place. Further research shows the OS driver isnt happy. It shows HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device as OTHER DEVICE (yellow ?). I tried updating the PSP but no luck. The Hitachi Frame and its extended disk are fine. Anyone have any idea?
Steven Clementi
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Re: HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device

You need the inf files out of the HP Driver package for your HBA. They will contain the needed information for Windows to properly catagorize the EVA.

As for multipathing...

1. Are you sure the version of DMP you have supports the HSV300?

2. Install the inf file and see if that helps. Sometimes multipathing software acts weird if the right device in not properly identified.

Steven Clementi
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chris huys_4
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Re: HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device

Hi Steven,

The multipathing software, that is supported, for a specific Veritas Foundation for Windows (SFW) version, for a specific diskarray, from a "symantec point of view", can be found in the relevant "hardware compatibility list" (hcl) pdf file.

url with all the hcl's.


F.e. Suppose SFW 5.1 SP1 is installed on the server, then the specific hcl ,


HCL Release Revision 1.5, 06th May 2010

Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)Veritas Storage Foundation & High Availability Solutions 5.1 Service Pack 1 and 5.1 Service Pack 1 AP1 for Windows

, will show that the specific multipathing software supported with SFW for the EVA4400 is HP's HP MPIO 4.0.1 multipathing software.

Vendor - HP

Array Model - StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array EVA4400, EVA6400, EVA 8400

3rd Party Multipathing Support - HP MPIO 4.01.00

Dynamic MultiPathing (DMP) Device Specific Module (DSM) Supportability ,

DMP mode - A/A, AP/C, ALUA
FibreChannel Support - yes
Iscsi Support - no
SAS support - no
Thin Reclamation support - no
Windows Server 2003 Support - yes

Notes - See notes 2,3

Check the notes. ;)

So in that case, HP MPIO, needs to be installed, to have SFW recognize the EVA4400 and to have multipathing "in place"..

Further also check "spock", http://h20272.www2.hp.com/index.aspx, to check for any additional requirements, from a "HP point of view", for you're specific configuration.

Steven Kuehner
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Re: HP HSV300 SCSI Array Device

Thanks for that detailed feedback. We have come to that same solution. We do have a concern about dual multi-pathing software being installed. Waiting on Symtantec to confirm (production box, we have to tip toe). It was nice to see it confirmed here as well.