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HP MSA 1500CS for Exchange 2003

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HP MSA 1500CS for Exchange 2003


Im about to deploy a Exchange 2003 cluster on Windows 2003 server.

I have an MSA 1500 latest firmware (5.2 if i recall) Active Passive with 4 shelfs 50 disks total. Is Active Passive best for Exchange?

Now i need to know the best way to test thruput, is there a tool?

Im told its best to configure the arrays accross the shelves going up and accross. So ive done that.

Is it best to create 1 massive RAID 10 array of the whole lot and calve the space I need out of it for each storage group and the quorom or create seperate arrays for each? Which is the best way?

With regards stripe size and cache ratio and other settings whats the best for what im trying to do?

My reaserch from studying our current exchange setup tells me I need:-

Storage capable of 210 sequential transaction log write IOPS
Storage capable of 2100 random DB IOPS

Can the MSA do this and how can I quantify what it can achieve in my setup before going live.

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Re: HP MSA 1500CS for Exchange 2003

Hi anyone?